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Miriam, Germany

"There was a very friendly atmosphere at Lingua’s language school in Barcelona. Kind teachers who explain things very clear and are willing to help you with everything. Also when you want to know something about visits to cultural places or going out."

Steve, USA

"I attended the Lingua School in Barcelona for two weeks and not only did I learn a lot in a short time, but I also had a great time learning. My only complaint is that I didn’t stay longer – but I will next time! The people at the school were fantastic: helpful, friendly, and nice with great teachers."

Emon, the Netherlands

"I enjoyed every minute of my three weeks in Barcelona with Lingua. The course was of good quality, the teachers were very friendly, the accommodation was situated very central and the city was great!!!"

Silva, Brasil

"The way you guys teach is great, very good price, nice location, etc... I learned a lot during my staying in there. And the teachers are really nice."

Jade, United Kingdom

"All was well organised and the school was in a good central location. I would definitly come back here to continue with spanish."

Karin, Sweden

"Linguaschools Barcelona is the best school I have been studying so far. The teachers are great and I learned a lot more in only two weeks than I expected. A very good balance between oral practice and grammar."

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